Monday, July 29, 2013

Save The Bird Poster

Birds are most beautiful creation of nature. They are messengers from gods and natural singers.  Birds are an integral part of life and essential environmental indicator

Birds are gorgeous, inspirational and international. They are excellent flagships and the greatest indicators of climate change.

Being widespread, well studied, and highly responsive to environmental change, birds are very valuable indicators of the health of the natural world. They tell us what is happening to everything else. If birds go extinct so will many other species

Birds are the greatest indicators of the health of the natural world and most important pollinators.  If birds are disappears can leads to danger to environment, trees as well human race. Insect outbreaks are reduced with the existence of birds. This is true with respect to maintain the insect population in forest and the urban habitat.

That’s why we should save birds, most contributors and important predictors of natural disasters. Let us save the birds with great kindness and whole energetically.

My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness. ~ Dalai Lama

For save the birds start begin at our home, here I would like share some Save the Birds simple solutions and best ideas suggested by Bird lovers, Bird Watches and biologists at International Migratory Bird Day.

  •  Prevent Bird Collisions with Your Windows 
  •    Protect Birds From Pets 
  •  Clean Your Bird Feeders  
  •   Don’t Buy Illegally-Caged Birds 
  •    Use Cloth Grocery Bags and Reusable.
  •   Recycle 
  •   Restore Natural Habitat in Your Community  
  •   Keep Your Distance. Leave Fledglings Where You Find Them 
  •   Slow Down When Driving 
  •   Buy Bird Friendly Products Plant Native 
  •    Teach Others About Birds  
  •    Get Outdoors and Enjoy Nature  
  •    Take a Friend Bird Watching 
  •   Support Conservation.  
  •    Be a Citizen Scientist  
  •    Reduce Energy Use 
  •    Avoid Chemicals 
  • Learn the Hunting Laws .
Best Wishes for save and protect our little Birds
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