Monday, April 22, 2013

Hanuman Jayanti poster images

Happy Hanuman Jayanti!

Hanuman Jayanti or the birthday of Lord Hanuman (Bajrand Bali) is celebrated on full moon day (Poonam) during Chaitra month (April).

Hanuman, an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and Sita himself, is also known as Anjaneya. He is a celibate and is known by many names like Bajrang Bali, Pavan Putra, Mahavir, Sankat Mochan and Maruti. He is an epitome of bachelorhood and Brahmacharya. Hanuman symbolizes strength and power and unparalleled selfless service and devotion to the almighty.

I am wishing that blessing of Lord Hanuman be with you, And heart and home be filled with Fearless, Devotion and Prosperity. 

I am sharing with you attractive wall paper and Send to friends’ fabulous greetings and wallpapers linked to this great festival.

Bolo Pavan Putra Maruti ki Jai!

Jay Hanuman Jay Jay Hanuman.
Jai Bajrangbali Poster-Festival Greeting Image
Happy Hanuman Jayanti-Festival Poster Image
Hanuman Jayanti Poster-Festival Image
Hanuman Jayanti-Festival Greeting Image
Jai Hanuman Poster Image

Happy Hanuman Jayanti Image