Thursday, March 7, 2013

MahaShivratri Images

Dear All Lord Shiva Devotees

Great Night of Lord Shiva-Mahashivratri/ Shivratri/ padmarajarathri

Shivaratri is a great, auspicious and most sacred festival of Hindus, especially for Lord Shiva devotees. Devotees celebrate the religious festival with great enthusiasm. Shivratri is celebrated on the 13th night/14th day in the Krishna Paksha every year on the month of Phalguna or Maagh according to the Hindu calendar. Shivratri is not only one of the magnificent festivals in India but also in Nepal and other regions where Lord Shiva is worshipped.

Numerous interesting and fascinating mythological stories are believed pertaining to the celebration to Mahashivratri. In a version, devotees believe that Mahashivratri is auspicious because it marks the marriage ceremony of Lord Shiva and Sati Parvati. However, many believe that Mahashivratri signifies the auspicious night when Lord Shiva performed the dance 'Tandava' that led to the creation, conservation and devastation of the universe.

Shiva is the god of yogis, self controlled and celibate; He is known as Nilkanth, Tridev, Mahadev, Bholenath, and many more. Lord Shiva is the destroyer of evil. Shiva is depicted as white, with a dark-blue throat, with several arms and three eyes. He carries a trident and rides a white bull. His consort is Sati Parvati (Devi).

Meaning : One should worship Shiva for spiritual knowledge and Janardan (Vishnu) for the Final Liberation (Moksha).

 Lord Shiva showers his benign blessings on you and your family. May happiness and peace surround you with his eternal love and strength.

I am sharing with you attractive wall paper and Send to friends’ fabulous greetings and wallpapers linked to this great festival.


  MahaShivratri Festival Greeting Image
 MahaShivratri Greeting Image
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 Maha Shivratri 2013 Festival Greeting Image